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Helio 391B Carry Thru
« on: September 03, 2021, 05:49:36 PM »
   I have a project coming alive I bought over 30 years ago.  A 391B but was missing so many parts that  it was not worth while to  proceed with it.  I am going this week to Edmonton ,Alberta to pick up another project ,that between the two  I am sure there will be one good plane.

     Neither plane had the carry thru mod done.  So I am looking for either a complete carry thru with the mod done, or a drawing of what is required to modify mine to comply. If necessary I can do an owner built part. I have the skills and equipment .

    Anyone that can help , or leads?


  Byron Miller

Doug Johnson

Re: Helio 391B Carry Thru
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2021, 11:41:08 PM »
Byron, As far as the cary through goes, I think your best bet would be to contact Jim Metzler at Jaars.

I am curious about a couple other things. I thought you intended to use c/n 097 to rebuild c/n 2530? How is that project going by the way? I heard you may have bought another wrecked H-250 and if so which one was it?

My other question is, are you going to Edmonton to pick up Ken's c/n 096 to rebuild c/n 097?


Re: Helio 391B Carry Thru
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Doug,   The  H250  2530 is coming along slowly it is using a few parts from  2507  which was a wreck project also , and I only have the fuselage. That project is being done  by a friend in his spare time.   My 391B  097 will be combined with  096 from near Edmonton to become one plane.