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Eng mount

Started by Doug Johnson, July 14, 2021, 01:19:25 PM

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Doug Johnson

Helio prototype engine mount.

By the way "Flathorn" I found a couple straight H-250 eng mounts if you are interested.

I found this picture in the social media, but my search only pulled up the individual blog and not the page, so there was little information other than someone was building a prototype engine mount for a Helio Courier, that tight tolerance were needed for tig welding, and there were three pictures, nothing about which eng it was for.

It looks a lot like a H-250 O540 mount, which is a rear mount like this appears to be.

Anyone know anything more since it was on a social media I dont believe its any kind of secret, but I sure would like to know more especially which eng. Is it for an experimental Helio?


Doug Johnson

I asked Abe at 'Helio Alaska' about this mount and it is their's but it is just the firewall attachment back portion of the mount and the remainder of the mount depends upon which eng they go forward with. Apparently just talking about the close fitting needed for good welds.