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HT steering torque tube

Started by jmetzler, July 10, 2021, 09:14:56 AM

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J. P. Stewart recently purchased SN1271 which is converted to a Trigear. He was doing some training and one of the steering torque tubes broke at the threads at the top of the nose gear. Does anyone know where he can get another tube? Part number appears to be "295-028". He might try the guys at Helio Alaska but I don't know if they'll have one or not.

He's also not been able to get approved on this website. Does it take a while for that to happen?

Jim Metzler

Doug Johnson

Jim, I'm no help with the torque Tube.

But I looked up the registry for c/n 1271 N5378G to see when it was sold and found it shows sold 04/21, to William Roquemore JR of Summerton SC.

Whats going on there?

Is William a partner with JP or something.

Signing up to get on the site.

First put in the application, then Gordon screens it and sends an email to the address on the application asking a couple questions about their interest.

If they reply it pretty much proves it isn't a robot or spammer.

Gordon approves them and they are good to go. It's kind of time consuming and sometimes takes a couple days, tell J.P to try signing on again.