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Doug Johnson:
I was doing one of my periodic searches for Helio stuff
and ran across SOAR which uses N6463V c/n 1233 for

Just for something to post I decided to post a link to them.

Kevin Dunn:
Thanks for posting the link Doug. Just got done flying with a guy.


My intent is to put a few hours with SOAR prior to insuring and flying SN#1295.
Travelling to the states may prove difficult, however.

Doug Johnson:
Kevin, I don't think anyone would have been offended if you had posted a link yourself after all it is Helio information that any aspiring Helio pilot might need sometime.

I'm tempted to visit your neck of the woods just to find out how much I've forgotten.

Robert speaking of c/n 1295 we need a progress picture. What does it look like now?
Do you have s registry mark Yet?

I haven't been paying attention to the northern border closure but haven't they relaxed the border closure yet if you have gotten your shot?

Here is a link to the History paragraph.

Jason Stephens:
I just did a day of flying with Kevin in SOAR's Helio.  Had some weather challenges but it gave us more time to chat.  Ended up with 12 landings, pretty much all with light to moderate crosswind and some gusts.  Definitely a great challenge but was loads of fun.  Having SOAR's Helio available for training is a huge benefit to the community I think.  Even with airline tickets, hotel, rental car etc. it was money well spent.  If you are thinking of buying a Hello, go fly with these guys first before you purchase. ;)

Thanks Kevin!


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