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c/n 608, "63-13167"

Started by Doug Johnson, March 16, 2015, 06:06:15 AM

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Doug Johnson

2 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Unverified info coming from questionable sources, I'm using orange print

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c/n 608, built 10/63 as U-10B s/n 63-13167 for US Army/CIA t/n '63-3101', USAF accepted 10/63, struck off charge released to US Army, code “FDM” Fort Bragg NC (joint CIA/special forces) 10/63 (possibly lease no. '167' to Air America then loaned to Royal Laotian forces), circa 1974 US Army returned a/c to US probably to Special Forces Group Fort Devens MA, later purchased by Bill Wiesner (deceased '14) where it was stored at Twin Pine Airport a small grass field, originally called the Pennington Airport, until it was closed in 2008, moved to storage area in Hopewell, NJ, a/c fuselage/crash cage with wings tail stabilator engine inst panel and doors removed in very poor condition, inherited by William Weasner jr, sold Bob Wallace MA 05/19

Almost no information found in USAF or US Army files, except that it was built. Nothing in Air America files, except the mention of a contract #167.


Doug Johnson 1

Bob Wallace's picture of c/n 608  at Hopewell, NJ it looks like it is still in use as a homeless shelter, which seems to go along with the theme of where it is located.

Bob says;
"I stopped at the NJ site with the Helios in the woods again. No human beings on site that I could rouse out but, as I said before,  a "dualing banjos" sort of place.  This time I had someone with me to watch my back.  Many sheds and vehicles parked, the airplanes are full of miscellaneous junk.  Earlier I had found one Helio wing laying in the grass.

I noted that both fuselages had their gear legs and oleo struts, wheels and tires. At least one had the tailwheel assembly. One had some original seats inside but pilot door missing.

I also noted that the Carry-Through AD had never been done.  Also no gussets added to gear legs which was another AD.  These have been retired for a long time.  the H-395 is pretty open, crash cage is all rusted.  The other one is closed up with good doors and all, much better shape.  Some incidental damage in top rear of tail-cone but not wrecked, more like something fell on it some time.

The open one is H-395 #608.  Build date 10/1963.  The other is also a H-395 but could find no numbers, data plates removed.  #608 is missing doors and panel.  The other is fairly complete, not wrecked, still has panel and interior.  Neither seemed wrecked but just weathered. These fuselages have been out in the elements for a long time.

Still bears further looking into.  Will investigate further."

Link to other unidentified Helio click on;topicseen#msg6606

Doug Johnson 1

The abandoned U-10D Helio as well as c/n 069 and c/n 608 at Hopewell NJ have been purchased by Bob Wallace

link to more about these Helios that Bob Wallace bought

hope to add more pictures soon

Doug Johnson

I found a picture of c/n 608 as it looked while in service or shortly after and opened it above,

Maybe Bob will send a picture of what it looks like currently he said he would about a year ago must have forgotten.