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Helio PPGear

Started by Doug Johnson, March 30, 2021, 12:31:12 AM

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Doug Johnson

Before it was just Helio T shirts, Baseball caps, coffee cups, and Polo shirts but now to go along with the Hat and T shirt you can get a Personal Protective Gear a Helio Face Mask at specifically click on the link below  you can also get a matching T shirt

Personally since I've been Vaccinated I'm looking for one of those fake tattoos to put on my forehad that says "Vaccinated" no one is wearing a mask out here in rural Nebraska but if You go to the big town and want to go to Walmart's or any Big store You need a Facemask to get in, although I've noticed that a large portion of the people once they are in the store wear their masks around their necks.

I've heard that some states want to include vaccinated for (redacted) Flu on your Drivers License for travel and Biden wants to include it on your Passport.

I also seen that he Big Pharma companys are working on a two way shot that includes the Flu vaccine of the year so apparently Big Pharma sees the (redacted) flu as not going away and as a big money maker.

Anyone know which Helio this is supposed to represent, maybe you can personalize it and put your own registry mark on it.

Nathan Mackey has access to Helio baseball caps click on


Kevin Dunn


If you look close you can see that it is N5383G.


Doug Johnson

I still can't see it without enlarging the photo then I can see barely see it faintly.

Old age cataracts are starting to hamper me slightly.

The paint scheme does match c/n 1249 new look.

I guess I'll post a copy of it and another photo that I recently found at the older post below, maybe tomorrow?;topicseen#msg4204

Jason Stephens

Here in Phoenix just about everyone is wearing masks as they should be.  My vaccination is tomorrow(finally!). Too young to get into the early groups.

Not to get all political on a site that is just for us airplane guys, but here is something you should consider when calling Covid-19 "China Flu" or similar.  When you do so, you attach Asian people to the virus.  You can believe or not believe stories and theories about where CV-19 came from, or evolved from, but really that isn't important.  What IS important is that un-educated simpletons take their frustrations out on people that have ZERO to do with CV-19 simply based upon their ethnicity.  Look at all the videos spreading now of little old asian ladies getting punched in the face by people walking by them on the street.  This may not mean anything to you but it does to me as my son is 1/4 Chinese, my wife is 1/2 Chinese and my sweet mother-in-law is a nice little 87 year-old lady who grew up in Queens NY.  I don't want to see her get beat up by some prick who is bent out of shape about the "China virus".  Please lets keep the political views absent from our quality discussions about our favorite airplanes. ;)

Doug Johnson

Jason I just got lucky and decided to live in an area where the death rate from the (redacted) flu is low even though quite a few of my neighbors and even some of my relatives have caught the (redacted) Flu a lot of people in the citys and congested areas wear masks. Since I probably had Covid (no test since I didn't get sick enough to go to the doctor) and have now had both shots I usually no longer wear a mask.

Couple of interesting points possibly or not in my defense.

The first is that where I picked up on calling it the (redacted) flu, is the fact that my Cop Nephews wife of 100% Asian extraction and her 100% Asian daughter half being Chinese also an Annapolis graduate call it the (redacted) flu. Being of white privilege I really can't tell one Asian ethnicity from another.

The second is that it seems that most of these attacks have been by blacks against Asians they have some dislike for each other that I don't really understand. One minority hates another minority is that bigotry and if blacks want to be MORE equal than whites what is that. Can't we just get along?

Both my Nephews wife and his daughter I suppose because of his cop background have conceal carry permits. I wonder what would happen if a black guy attempted to beat them up big difference from shooting targets and shooting people. Hopefully we won't argue about the 2nd amendment too.

I will go back and edit my post.

Then moving past that how is your project coming along?