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Possible crack in Exhaust

Started by CRoss, March 30, 2021, 05:13:20 PM

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It looks like I may have a crack where the #6 exhaust stack is welded into the exhaust pipe on my
It has been welded before but doesn't look like a professional job.
Any recommendations for a aircraft exhaust repair shop in case I need one?
Anyone have a left side exhaust assembly for sale?



I don't know but will check into it, provided you have some 480 exhaust parts for sale?

Doug Johnson

What happened to just removing the exhaust manifold, then sending it to a shop like Acorn Welding, letting them evaluate it, then if it's repairable and it usually is, at least in my past experience it has. And then if unrepairable you look at buying a new one.

If I remember correctly from past posting they, Acorn can build an entire new exhaust system if necessary.

I found the previous discussion about exhaust stuff here

Kevin Dunn


I'd recommend going to the H295 exhaust from Knisley Exhaust. You can check out and see that they do Helio stuff. These would be new FAA/PMA parts. At some point welding old exhaust becomes counter productive. Just my opinion.

I've dealt with Acorn on other stuff and they do a great job. They don't make any new parts for the Helio, so they would have to have yours and repair them.



I have lots of used 480 exhaust if it will work for you, you are welcome to it. Where are you located?


  I have been told that the 480 and 435 exhaust are the same.  I am in Texas.  Where are you
  located?  Thanks!


Give me a call 907 232 2103


Thanks for all the responses from fellow Helio flyers!!