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Started by Nathan Mackey, March 02, 2021, 08:34:11 AM

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Nathan Mackey

I have rebooted my old website I wanted to make a website to educate the general public on the Helio and not get bogged down in all the minutia that we Helio-lovers enjoy so much, but everyday folks can grow weary of. I also have some baseball caps with the Helio logo on it for sale if anyone is interested. Happy to be of service to you all if I can provide any assistance to you with my meager knowledge of Helios over the last two decades.

Au Miner

Very nice.  Good to see it up and running again.  Thanks Nathan


Jason Stephens

Great news!  Just watched the video of the Stallion flying again. :)


I have a feeling things are going to get exciting again.

Doug Johnson


I am curious if you are refering to things in the Helio community, or the world in general?

And in what way.

Doug Johnson

Yes it is interesting I recent learned that James Turrell's N550HE reg to Startruck llc the Helio in the video is still registered to Him but has been relocated from Arizona to Oregon and Larry Teufel is the pilot in this video

So exactly what is in the wind? What is the rest of the story?

IS James still the owner and it has been loaned to Larry?

see previous post on N550HE


Doug, I actually bought N550HE from James Turrell on February 26.  FAA registration is running weeks behind normal. It will be based in Hillsboro OR and support our ranch at 78OR.  My brother and I owned N9991F in the early 80’s and I had 500 hours in it. Ron Sutphin checked me out back then. Muscle memory is coming back fast. Few people have any idea of what the Stallion can do, it is really unmatched. Being that it is one of only two remaining, I intend to fly it very conservatively.

Doug Johnson

Larry, thanks for the info.

That is so cool and I'm so envious. I've often thought that it was a shame that although the aircraft appearred to be airworthy it just sat around and it didn't get flown occasionaly.

Also glad to hear you intend to fly it in a relatively conservative manner so the rest of get to envy you for years to come.

You probably don't have to worry about tornadoes or hurricanes but you do have those volcanoes in that area. If you can avoid those it may be around for a long time.

I found a couple pictures of N9991F and posted them previously. click on

Kevin Dunn


Any chance of it being at OSH this year?



Most likely not this year. Maybe 2022


Doug, are you blaming Mother Nature for Helio wrecks?

Doug Johnson

Katerina, I just picked up on the fact that you are posting as Katerina Teufel.

Congratulations to the both You and Larry.

so then I went back and picked up on larrys post about 78OR. The Crowley Ranch Airport

Some times I'm just slow.

Not at all to your question on blaming Mother Nature.

But Stallion prototype c/n 2, N10039 was being restored and got wiped out by a hurricane a couple of couriers have been wiped out by tornadoes and a half dozen were lost in Canada in a hanger fire.

The largest group has been lost due to inadequate training and/or flying on the edge of the flight envelope.
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Doug Johnson

I was just looking at Nathans site and accidently found a link under history to an Interview with Dr. Otto Koppen. Its well worth watching

click on