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Photo problems ?

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Doug Johnson:
Anyone besides me having trouble seeing pictures.

I can't see pictures at all. The only thing I see is an address for the photo location, but when I click on that, I get an error message.

Me too! It doesn’t matter which device I use. I’ve logged out and back in to no avail.

Doug Johnson:
I'ii try to contact Gordon and see what can be done.

Doug Johnson:
Does anyone know what  Gordon Cragg is doing.

I have been unable to contact him.

I left him a voicemail about the problem with photos but haven't gotten any response.

Barry Dechert has apparently figured out a workaround by placing a photo in his personal gallery but few people actually have a personal photo album.

Does anyone have a phone # for Will Ware he is still the other administrator of the site.

If someone can send me a PM with his # I can give him a call and possible come up with an answer to this problem with the photos.

Will Ware:
I’m on trying to figure out the problem. I cant tell you the last time I was in so give me some time.


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