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Started by yukonranger, August 06, 2022, 08:38:32 AM

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I would like to add four point harnesses to the front seats.  Does anyone have a drawing of a system that has been approved?  Or a source for an approved installation?



It should be fairly straight forward.  There was a letter from the FAA that says installation of improved harnesses in older aircraft do not need certification as it was directed at improved occupant safety.  That letter stated some desired geometry for where and how to mount harnesses.  It just so happens that for front seat occupants in the Helio there is a tube across the top of the cabin that is perfectly oriented to mount shoulder straps off of.

Here is the letter that basically says it is a minor installation requiring nothing but a mechanics signature

We did this in my airplane and it was done the same way as the installation in 6471V.  Used BAS rotary buckles and have been very happy with them.  Connected the harnesses to the cross tube with single bolt umpco clamps, I think 6471V used steel adel clamps, not sure.  Haven't done the same yet for the back seats but I intend to soon now that I have a little person who will be strapped in behind me.  I assume they work well, never intend to find out.

Hope that helps.  Call if you have any questions


Doug Johnson

I mounted an Inertia-reel to that same 2" tube, I mounted the 4 point seat belt reel to a small 1/8" aluminum plate and then used U bolts around the tube to connect to the plate.

I thought it worked better not so much adjusting for seat position, and if i leaned forward slowly I could reach down and get my pen that I dropped on the floor without unhooking.