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So I am wanting a Helio/C-185 and my wife wants a 210/310 etc. In other words she wants to go fast and far and I want to go low and slow. Well my thought process is if I get a H-700 with the TIO-540 I can go high enough on O2 to get the TAS. My question is how fast can it go? I cant find any info on the H-700 cruise speeds at various altitudes. I have also found a few C-185s with TSIO-540s that I cant find speed info on either.

Anybody have any insight on this?


Buy the green Pima Helio from Mr Locker and put a cruise prop on it.

Doug Johnson:
If you want to go fast this is probably what You should look at first c/n 559 no. 8 in the 16 helios and 3 projects for sale. I'm pretty sure you would be in the experimental exibition category but if you get some advice on how to write up your registration my understanding is that it isn't that big of a deal.

The problem with  the H-700 is a poorly designed cowling that leads to excessive fuel burn to keep the engine cool enough. There is a pricey aftermarket cowling STC'ed to address this poblem but I'm not sure if it is available at any price.

For sale here

see more here

Jason Stephens:
What about a STC'd turbo kit on a H-395/295?  That could possibly make a big difference in cruise up at higher altitudes.


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