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Fuel line connections on 120 gallon system

Started by rmartell, September 01, 2020, 10:28:40 AM

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We're just in the process of getting the wings ready to bolt on. We've identified the right hand main tank has two vents, the forward one is used to vent to the left hand tank and the rear is for the fuel return line from the injector unit.

However, there is also two vents in the left-hand tank.  I know the forward vent ties to the forward of the right tank and the inverted vent tube sits in the left-wing root where the two tanks are joined together. However, I don't know where the aft vent goes or where it's supposed to be routed to.

Neither of the parts diagrams show the 120 gallon tank installation of the two upper vents in our configuration. I believe the rear vent it's supposed to be plugged on the left wing. Is this correct?

Is Jim Metzler available for comment?


That is correct, Bob, on the right wing you have the return fuel and tank vent on top, left only the vent with the other plugged with a bolt and clamp. Jim Metzler