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Lance Goodwinm

« on: January 09, 2020, 04:43:30 PM »
Looking for anyone that has done paperwork on switching from garbage Gill G-25 battery up to Concorde RG25XC, it is 2 pounds heavier but is only aloud to be 1 pound. It has all the cranking power that we need for hot starts at altitude.
This is for the H295 that has the front battery box compartment update in the engine compartment.


Lance Goodwin


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Hi Lance,
  C-FIPI had a 35 Concorde in it up front but paperwork is probably Canadian. I’ll look if you want me to. I share the same sentiments about Gill batteries, although they did make me proficient at hand propping my 172.  Paul


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Hi Lance. The original Aircraft Specification No. 1A8 dated July 7, 1969 (preceded the Type Certificate system), shows the battery to be a Rebat S-25 for the H295. The weight of the battery is 24 lbs. The weight of the Concorde RG25XC is 23.5 lbs, so I think you have good data to install per AC 23-27 with a logbook entry. Weight is actually less than the Rebat S-25. Jim

Kevin Dunn

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I agree with Jim.

Additionally, AC23-27 says you can install any manufacturer's battery as long as it is the same series. The weight difference, in my opinion, would not preclude it from being installed, there would just need to be an adjustment to the W&B if more than one pound. If that is the case, then an A&P needs to get involved as it is no longer preventative maintenance.


Lance Goodwinm

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As usual nothing but great information.  Jim is this the Battery in the engine compartment or behind the seats?  If its the engine compartment no problem..

Thanks again.


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Pretty sure engine compartment. I don't think Helio used the 25 series in the tail. I can verify the arm in the Spec Sheet tomorrow. I don't think I have a copy at home.