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New to FlyHelio!!!!
« on: November 26, 2019, 07:24:30 AM »

I am a photographer and a lover of aviation. So you put the two together and you end up with lots of pretty photos of aircrafts. There happens to be a Helio here they are currently painting so needless to say I went a little crazy with the pictures and wanted to share. This is just a teaser, stay tuned to see the finished paint on this beautiful aircraft!!!  ::)

No cheating Andrew!

Sara @ Hawk
Sunny Florida

Doug Schrage

Re: New to FlyHelio!!!!
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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Doug Johnson

Re: New to FlyHelio!!!!
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Sarah, Thanks for photos.

I noticed it was one of the 15, 1200 series U-10Ds that had been converted to trigear and then back to taildragger configuration.

It is probably c/n 1249 or c/n 1250 unless one of 5 other trigears has been recently returned to taildragger configuration, and I'm betting on c/n 1249 because Andrew Stolte N5383G is located at Spring Hills, FL

Interesting that the owner is using a H-395 early 1200 series Factory paint scheme. I think it an appropriate paint scheme if anyone cares what I think awful lot of people seem to have upgraded their paint scheme to 1400 series or 7/800 paint schemes.

When we get to see the finished Helio I will resize the photos and open them at the appropriate History file, but like I said I'm betting "c/n 1249".

link to c/n 1249


Re: New to FlyHelio!!!!
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@ Doug, You are correct it is 1249. The aircraft is sitting in the hangar now getting ready for some finishing touches and almost ready to be picked up. I will get some final photos and post them. I can also give you access to the Helio album I have created for Andrew.

Sara @ Hawk