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Fly Helio Site Renewal

Started by Gordon Cragg, November 21, 2019, 08:25:46 AM

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Gordon Cragg

Good Morning Everyone;
Site Ground has informed me this morning that the Fly Helio domain name and hosting service is due for renewal on November 29.
The re-up charge is in excess of $270.00.
I have spoken to several members about taking the site over since I have sold my H-295, but no takers as yet. Will Ware helped me put the site together and he has asked to take it over, however, there would be site improvements and a membership fee to access the site.
Personally, I would prefer to keep it free...but some decisions need to be made fairly quickly.
Gordon Cragg


Morning Gordon,

Re-newal is $270.00...what other additional charges are there to keep it the way it is?


I can and will contribute some to keep the site free as well.  Just let us know as thing start to crystallize so we can support the organization as needed.


I will also contribute..lets us know


Once the cost it determined...add me to the list of contributors

Jason Stephens

I'll for sure kick in some money to help.  Just give me a ring or email me at


I appreciate all the efforts of the consistent contributors to the site which has been helpful, informative, and a portal to good advice over the years.

Add me to the help pay for the site...

Doug, if Gordon gets back to you with the particulars, please let me know how many interested parties want to donate and provide us with the total amount required by each.

Kevin Dunn

As have many of you, I have spoken with Gordon about this subject in the past and just sent him another text. I am of the opinion that the website serves us best being a free site as opposed to membership dues, etc. That being said, I too am willing to chip in to pay whatever fees are required. We will see what happens. Until then....Doug, please keep posting!!  Always cool to see the latest you have dug up.



As Kevin said. I nominate Doug as treasurer and administrator. If active members send him $50 each it should keep the site open for quite a while. Doug could start a thread on who has paid and I’m sure others will chip in. Alan

Doug Johnson

Thanks guys, for the support votes. We are up to 7 contributors, including myself, that's about 43 dollars apiece. I guess we become the primary elite members and could lord it over the others, that at least we care enough to contribute (but that elite thought should end here), I really would like to see at least 30 of us and bring that contribution down to 10 dollars each, but that probably won't happen.

Sites that have a membership fee it usually run around 25 dollars per year. we have 600 members around 200 that are actually active but I doubt if most of them think it's worth 50 cents. 

Gordon went ahead and paid the hosting co, since I have committed to being the administrator, so we won't have a break in service. I will reimburse him in a few days
then I will contact each of you guys and we will work it out from there.



Au Miner



I’m in also Doug, just have to figure out how to make the payment from Canada