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Magnetometer in Helio wingtip

Started by yukonranger, July 15, 2021, 03:50:56 PM

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Has anyone put a Garmin magnetometer in a Helio wing as part of a glass panel installation?  Did you have to go to LED wingtip lights?  What (non magnetic?) wingtip attach hardware was used?


Doug Johnson 1

I know nothing about Magnometers but I mounted a RMI compass in c/n 1233's right wingtip. I chose the right wingtip because there was already a factory installed bracket to mount it on. If you are mounting something in your wingtip. You might look in your right wingtips last bay and see if your Helio has that bracket as well. That bracket made it a lot simpler for me.

I put whelen wing tip strobes on my aircraft but don't remember if there was any problem with the remote compass. Now they have the LED strobes which would be even better and have even less effect I would think.