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c/n 1223, C-GXFB

Started by Doug Johnson, April 09, 2015, 06:34:25 AM

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Doug Johnson

17 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1223, built 08/66 as model H-295 original registry N6329V Factory installed Edo 3430 floats LR 120 gal aux fuel tanks Cross-wind Landing Gear, Stolairco (Hunter Kindall dealer) WA sold '67, Sherwood Properties inc (A. Sherwood) WA placed in Xprmtl category to develop STC SA2136 (install Seamaster 3500 amphib floats) sold '72, Tom Kushida AK placed on wheel skis sold '76, dereg export as C-GXFB Earl brooks YT sold '92, Air Tindi ltd NT placed on floats incident pilot encountered severe turbulence at 7000' enroute to Whitehorse then continued to destination without further incident inspection after arrival found A/C's main cabin door was severly distorted and wedged in the doorframe @ 35 NM NW Whitehorse YT 09/94 sold '94, Black Sheep Aviation & Cattle co YT sold '95, Andrew Williams & Lance Goodwin (2nd Helio of 3) Silver City, YT installed Rayjay/Riley turbocharger placed on Federal 3500 hyd wheel skis painted with the 3rd new yellow color scheme currently stationed at Kluane research Station, Kluane Lake Yukon for Icefield Discovery Tours


check out this link click on


Doug Johnson

did an edit above on current location added a link for video did a screen capture added a couple photos.




A good Yukon News article from this last week about Andy Williams, and a few of his great Helio exploits at very high altitude in the Kluane National Park and Reserve, -St. Elias Mtns. area! 

Doug Johnson

C-GXFB, c/n 1228 really looks different after refurbish and change in color scheme, photo by Lance forwarded to me by Gordon


What a good looking plane.  I really like the colors and the scheme.  Does anyone know what model of ski is currently being used on that airplane?

Doug Johnson

added first picture of c/n 1223 as C-GXFB  on floats with Air Tindi logo

this photo located by Gordon Cragg and in his collection

anyone have a photo of 1223 as N6329V


Those are Federal AWB.  Probably 3500

Doug Johnson 1

opened photos in the queue a the top of the page


C-GVKG is c/n 519 isn't it?  Colors in the video seem to match the colors on the pictures of 519.

Doug Johnson 1

Edit; I deleted the rest of this post and saved the two interesting U-Tube links

Added a link to video  click here

click here

new post I found a book at amazon with a Helio on the cover but not a lot about Helios I didn't read it but it might be Interesting.


Icefield Discovery Team at base camp.


And another one with both 295's

Doug Johnson 1

Another link to some photos of c/n 1223 and more about Mt Logan icefield.

resized a couple photos and placed them in the queue above

Doug Johnson 1

3 pictures of c/n 1223 that I ran across.

The first is a just because it was there photo.

The second picture was with an article about being stuck on a glacier in 3' of snow too bad there wasn't a picture of it actually buried in the now, this is after its been dug out.
unfortunately I misplaced the link to the article but it was an interesting read.

The third is a print on canvas, not to expensive and an attractive background.

I will open them in the queue at the top of the page.