Author Topic: 1967 Helio U-10D/295 ex-JAARS  (Read 6840 times)


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1967 Helio U-10D/295 ex-JAARS
« on: December 20, 2009, 02:46:12 PM »
Serial # 1245, has a ton of mods, plus parts inventory, which I will post later. The aircraft is in Brazil and is currently flying on straight floats..I'll get back with a photo and pricing. Mike is asking $160,000 for the airplane and a substantial parts inventory. Four slats, four flaps, two re-covered frise ailerons, windshield, vertical stab, horizontal stab (all H295 compatible)

You can visit our website for more details

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Re: 1967 Helio U-10D/295 ex-JAARS
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Helio about to depart with Australian film crew on a narrow river with Piraha Indians looking on!!