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HELIO Super Courier H-395 c/n 509 FOR SALE

Started by Helga, October 01, 2019, 12:16:00 PM

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HELIO Super Courier H-395 c/n 509 FOR SALE
RA-2777G/ N4157D

I am Olga, the Director of the Russian Charity organization that currently owns this legendary H-395. This unique aircraft was donated to us a year ago, but due to a number of restrictions, we cannot use it for its intended purpose.

We studied the history of the aircraft and we know about its excellent characteristics and will be happy if Helio continues to fly under the control of a true adept. Therefore we are considering the option of selling H-395 back to the United States to the homeland.

The plane did not leave the airport in Nizhny Novgorod and is under the supervision of its first Russian owner.

Contact me to discuss all sales issues:

C/n 509, built 03/59 as H-395 original registry N4157D Carl Tilden NM sold '72, Abe Miller NV sold '73, Grand Canyon Expeditions inc UT sold '77, Johnston corp (Charles Johnston) IA sold '79, Larry Montgomery (Larmont aviation dealer) SC sold '79, Peter Soby NC installed 1400 series individual seats sold '83, Fred Verret FL sold '89, Ben Air ltd FL (Ben Bradley) sold '90, Valentine Aviation (Rick Valentine) FL sold '91, Jerry Gonsoulin FL sold '04, TN Flying Machines llc (Aaron Tippin) TN sold '12, sent to Vermont for dis-assembly and export as RA-2777G to Nijniy Novgorod owner Anatolii Kalinov  placed on Avion wheel skis with pnuematic system for ice brakes installed 1200 series cowling with AeroLeds (1 taxi lt 2 lndg lts includes original retractable) installed 120 gal LR fuel system, new glass panel and piper throttle prop quadrant.

The detailed history of this aircraft can be found here:;topicseen#new

I can provide all information about the sale upon request:

Doug Johnson 1

Olga said the asking price for Helio c/n 509, RA-2777G is $300,000+$40,000 taxes+$10,000 shipping ++++.

I hope there is a lot of wiggle room in this asking price. Unless they intend to own this Helio for a long while.

She was told it might be worth $120,000-$140,000 sitting on the tarmac at a US airport.

True story from a few years back An Elderly Canadian said he would Die before he would sell his Helio for less than the $200k Plus, he was asking. It was sold a couple years ago during estate probate for considerably less.

If anyone is curious and wondering if the sale was legit. I sent the email below to the previous owner, Anatolii.

Anatolii, There is a post at that you donated your Helio Courier to an Russian Charity and it is now up for sale. What is the deal here. Doug

And his reply:

Hi Doug!  Here is the story.  I was found by people from a charity and they offered to buy my Helio for good money!  They really wanted to help the Beckin National Park.  The Ussuri tigers are especially guarded in this park.  The terrain there is mountainous and forested, in winter there is a lot of snow.  For short runways Helio is the perfect plane!  The charitable organization has encountered insurmountable difficulties in arranging the gift of the aircraft !!!  During this period, legislation changed.  Therefore, they decided to sell Helio.  From the moment of purchase, the plane did not leave my hangar.  I continue to look after him.  This is a very worthy aircraft !!!   Regards, Anatoly.

Maybe someone can give a donation to the "Save the Tiger" charitable organization in cash and get a Helio in return, or has that loophole scam been closed in Russia. I think the "Save the Soul" organization are still open for charitable donations here in the US. Give us your Helio we will value it at $500K twice its value and you can take it off your taxes.


Hi Doug!
Thank you very much for continuing our topic with Helio. As I understand it, my emails have not reached you, so I repeat here:

Our charitable foundation implements environmental projects throughout Russia, we work with nature reserves and national parks. All the funds that come to us are charitable donations. As Anatoly wrote above one year ago we received a plane from a donor and made great efforts to transfer Helio to protect the taiga in the Far East. Moreover this summer in Russia were many forest fires.

Due to changes in legislation we were unable to achieve the goal and the aircraft has not left the hangar of the previous owner.

By agreement with the donor it was decided to sell Helio and use the funds for charity projects to nature conservation in Russia. The price is also the wishes of the donor and comes from his investment.

I worked for many years in WWF Russia and I know that there are many people in the USA who are financially supporting a protection of tigers and other rare animals in Russia. We will be happy if one such person is also a fan of Helio, will be able to return the aircraft to the USA and support the environmental project at the same time.

Thanks again for the comments.


Hi everyone! I must report that the plane has found a new owner in Russia. Unfortunately, a lot of undocumented work has been done with it. The main issue is the replacement of the wing, presumably with the wing of the H-295 model (it has 4 tanks instead of the original two). I hope we can lift this magnificent plane into the sky again.

Nathan Mackey

Given current US/Russian relations, I predict this aircraft will never leave Russia. Also, $300,000 for this aircraft. Wow!


Russian-American relations have already experienced many ups and downs during my life. I hope they change again soon. And we bought this aircraft for about half the amount originally requested.