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c/n 544, RP-C2692
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2 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.
Anyone have a little higher quality pictures?

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c/n 544, built 01/62 as model H-395, original registry N4189D (FAA file destroyed ?) Aviation Investors export (CIA) 01/62, XV-NAH Vietnamese Air Transport (VIAT), 09/64, Air Asia co ltd (10th Helio of 29 acquired) rereg as B-875, accident(1) struck an obstacle on approach @ (V-203) Go Cong Vietnam 01/65, bought by Air Asia 02/65, accident(2) failed to maintain control during take-off @ (V-01) Saigon S/Vietnam 04/65, accident(3) dropped into a hole in the runway during landing rollout @ (V-153) Phu Loi S/Vietnam 07/65, incident a load hung up outside the aircraft damaging the cargo door, while doing drop @ coordinates TH2575 01/66, accident(4) ground looped to the left after landing damaging the right wingtip, aileron, landing gear, and part of the fuselage @ (LS-36) Na Khang Laos 02/66, incident the tail cone was damaged by a storm repaired the same day @ Udorn 04/66, accident(5) had a hard landing damaging the landing gear, the wing, the prop, and the engine @ an unnumbered site coordinates UG7422 Laos 04/66, ferried to Tainan, accident(6) damaged while taxiing when struck by a C-130 prop the left landing gear collapsed and the prop was damaged @ (V-02) Bien Hoa 08/67, accident(7) made a tail low forced landing into a cemetery located 400 feet south of the runway due to being over gross causing substantial damage @ (V-206) Hoi An Vietnam 08/68, 07/69 placed in temporary storage used for spares until 10/69, sold by Air Asia co ltd to Air America, 10/69 rereg as XW-PGI, 01/70 assigned for use out of Vientiane, incident developed engine problems en route from (L-11) Pakse Laos to (L-08) Vientiane Laos and successfully landed @ (T-22) Nong Khai Thailand 05/70, incident made a successful emergency landing @ (T-31) Kora, accident(8 ) struck a fuel drum after landing damaging the tail cone @ (L-49) Sanakham Laos 10/70, repaired removed from service 07/71, placed in inactive storage at Tainan 08/71, 07/72 placed into inactive storage at Vientiane 11/73, flown to Udorn and put into inactive storage 03/74, sold to Aviation Associates Manila 03/74, registered as RP-C2692 Manila, Philippines '74, registry cancelled '84,  ?

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Re: c/n 544, RP-C2692
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Here is a current photo of c/n 544, RP-C2692 at New Tribes Mission of the Philippines in pretty rough shape, but it has a straight tail cone, only problem shipping cost from P.I. to U.S. about 10,000 US$.

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Re: c/n 544, RP-C2692
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We had the The Ultimate Classic Car Barn Find contest.

Now, this would win the Aircraft Barn Find Contest.

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Re: c/n 544, RP-C2692
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Actually the classic Helio barn find was c/n 069, N6021 it was actually found in a partially collapsed barn.

I'm just waiting for the pictures