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9015Bs new owner stopping to say hello!
« on: June 11, 2019, 08:30:22 PM »
hey guys and gals, my name is Chris and I just wanted to say hello to the other helio fanatics out there.

after flying for a day in Michael steels 295 on amphibs out of long beach ca to Catalina island for a day i had quickly fell in love. saved up a bunch of money, saw the thing at jarrs after it had some 400 hours of labor put into and shortly thereafter got it in my life. my 1st plane! really awesome plane to fly in, so far toured around WV , NC, SC and will be ferrying it across the US before end of august. i got about 5 days of flying it before i had to take off for some business on the west coast but about to go out and fly her again for a number of days. Ive been living in the poh and flight manuals i received with the plane. I've flown a number of planes but hands down showing up ANYWHERE with the helio makes you some friends almost immediately.

about to do some serious panel upgrades and will be sharing with you guys the progress. also saw some carbon fiber doors and accessories i may upgrade to. will keep everyone in the loop, was also thinking about a new paint scheme but that's pretty superfluous at this point.

50 hrs on the props
250 smoh on the engine
4500 on the airframe
crosswind landing gear- i  don't know if anyone bothers with these but i really think these are cool. had tower in martinsburg wondering if we had broke the gear. in my experience with them so far they are quite useful at making the crosswind landings substantially easier.
56 gal tanks

have a great day everyone