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Fuel Caps replacement, STC SA00786AT

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I see JAARS ownes this STC for changing out fuel caps to the “cessna style” fuel caps.
Is Jaars the place to buy the caps..? Or is there somewhere else where one can purchase the stc and hardware..?
Other than these cessna type caps, and replacing or overhauling my Shaw caps, are there any other gas cap options..? 

Doug Johnson 1:
Kem, Here is another option and relatively easy if you are in AK.

Atlee Dodge Fuel caps were placed on c/n 1252

Doug, i can't see the photo of the fuel cap from Atlee


Thanks Doug. I’ll look into this.

Do you happen to know if it was the Shaw filler neck adapters , or the
Cessna Wisco filler neck adapter..?  I see FA Dodge carries both.

Thanks again


Doug Johnson 1:
Louis, I think I fixed it so you can see the photos of the 337


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