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H-250 project with lots of parts


H250 project for sale everything to complete
0540 A1A5 everything inspected,overhauled cylinders, new pistons
88" hartzel prop, 3hrs since overhaul  but timed out. no logs 
H-250 Cowling
Extra top cowl and doors
Long range wings in good shape minus the inboard tanks.
Currently registered and has Airworthiness cert.
I want 35000 and will consider parting out only if everything is spoken for.

other parts
2 sets of beat up wings standard tank bays.
Ailerons, need work.
Vertical fin and rudder
2 GO480 G1D6 cores one has been torn down and inspected, crank needs turned down .002 but is with in limits.
96"Hartzell prop no logs needs inspection.
lots of other prop parts and hubs
3800 upgross split tubes
Pressure carbs
Go480 cylinders.
Crash cage jig
whats left of the Water World Carcass. Tail cone possibly could be salvaged.
Make me an offer
Ben 9072322103
910sp wings by Benny Myers, on Flickr
IMG_3183 by Benny Myers, on Flickr
IMG_0292 by Benny Myers, on Flickr
image by Benny Myers, on Flickr

Doug Johnson 1:
here is a link to the history with some more pictures


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