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Helio Cruise Speeds

Started by JamesCaird, January 10, 2023, 06:11:45 PM

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Kevin Dunn

Yes. The one they just pulled off was made from fiberglass.


Quote from: JamesCaird on January 17, 2023, 08:12:08 AM
they crashed a real Beaver but not a spin in. That clip must be a "must see" in the Beaver world.

Many thanks/  JC

I recommend it also on any floatplane.  Waterlanding without a good angle of attack makes the contact with the water in front of the CG.  So you now have a wheelbarrow.  The CG just want to go left or right of the contact point on the floats. 

Unfortunately, landing that way makes the most beautifull kiss landing.  A lot more beautifull than splashing the rear of the floats with a good angle of attack.  So those kiss landing can become appealing.  But they are so dangerous.  There is nothing bad that can happen when you waterland with the contact with the water behind the CG.  Even if you are drifting left or right, if you touch behind the CG, the airplane will correct itself on the right direction.  If you touch in front of the CG, the plane will turn in the wrong direction.  Like a wheelbarrow

This video show it all.

Drifting left or right is something that you try not to do.  But sometimes, on a large river, there is some current.  And then you have to choose between having the wind stright, or the current straight.  Not an easy choice.  If you choose the wind straight, you have to slip sideways so you will touch the water without a side component drift from the current.  Always found this sitauation the most challenging.  Like if you had a runway that would move sideways when you land.  Touching with the heel of the floats first makes it automatcly less chalenging since the plane will align itself with the component of it's own movement with the water current movement.



My H-295 averages 145 mph at 24" and 2600 rpm burning around 17.5 gph


Quote from: yukonranger on January 16, 2023, 06:14:40 PMLouis, do you notice any increased performance with the FI STC?  I assume it has a larger throttle plate and hence more MP.  The cylinder to cylinder mixture distribution should be better also but is a performance improvemt actually noticeable?



Noticeable.....Hummmmmm..... In total power I could not say.  In smoothness, yes, a lot.  At cruise but also on take off.  I fly often in winter, and the carburated version was a little lean when it was cold.  Enough to make me put the carb heat on take off so the engine would run smoother. This was true with two different 295. With the injection, there is enough fuel even when it is cold.  It is very smooth.  I do have to lean it after take off to bring the exaust temperature hotter.  Neil wants me to lean after starting also.  He thinks the extra fuel could put too much deposit on the plugs if i keep it full rich a long time at idle.