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Insurance and Flight Training
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Sometime back there was a discussion about Insurance carriers and the state-of-state regarding the Helio Courier/Super Courier. I have the following info for all concerned. Due to recent events it becomes imperative that you get proper flight training at JAARS or Kevin Dunn @ S.O.A.R. this may come as no surprise but remember that there are few carriers willing to insure the Helio because of lack of support, parts, aging aircraft issues, and such. If you are in the market for a Helio get the qualified instruction to keep you current in the airplane. We know of a couple carriers who will insure these airplanes, but be darn sure you know what you are getting into before a purchase decision is made.

If any of you would like the following Insurance carriers I know of, I'll post them soon. As you know the Helio has a less than favorable record for instances of accident history, please be advised so that someday we may not enjoy this passion to fly as we had hoped.

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FYI. I checked with Northwestern Insurance.  They do not license in Alaska. 


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I use London aviation underwriters.


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Contact falcon insurance Soldotna office.   I believe their policy's mostly end up being under Tokyo Marine for the Helio.  I know of a few other Alaska folks that use them.