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What battery do you all use?
« on: December 02, 2018, 08:20:13 PM »
My battery finally decided to give up on me.  I got 3 years of service from it, and who knows how long it was in my plane before I bought it.  There are no records in the logs, but the manufacturer date is stamped as Jan 2009.  Given manufacturer date it is long in the tooth.

I have been using a Concord RG25XC but I hear good things about the Odyssey.  Just curious what make and model other use or recommend for a 12v system. I was hoping my battery would survive till Earth-X got their PMA, but not the case.  Maybe my next battery will be a 5lbs job :)

Paul Dale

Re: What battery do you all use?
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Russell, I replaced my oddysey cub type battery a couple of years ago in our 391B, the previous owner had good luck with it, but didn't fly it in winter much. Oddysey makes one which is half again as thick, but still  fits nicely in the original battery box with some shims.  It has been great for us, and has kept cranking when I have made mistakes in starting procedures, and much appreciated in the winter. I will get the model number for you, but it was available off the shelf at battery specialists in Anchorage.   

Doug Johnson 1

Re: What battery do you all use?
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That Earth-X battery sounds interesting but expensive.

I love that kind of stuff would probably be trying to field approve one if still flying.

Here's a link to Earth-X at"Spruce" click on


Re: What battery do you all use?
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1434 had a Concorde RG35AXC when I got it. I was sure happy when I switched my 172 to a Concorde RG25XC. No more problems-at all. I will never have another Gill battery. My 172 on floats came with a lightweight-Odessey I think. Has never failed but doesn't seem to like cold weather (35 degrees-not really even cold).  Paul