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Manhattan NY STOL flyin '66

Started by Doug Johnson 1, August 24, 2018, 01:05:42 PM

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Doug Johnson 1

This was the Office of Emergency Management (now part of FEMA) Manhattan Air Support Event Nov 1966 that was written up in the Magazine Air Progress FEB '67.

I was able to enhance the photos enough to identify the Helios that participated as, Helio stallion N10038 prototype no. 1,
Helio H-250 as registry N5464E c/n 2520 and Helio H-295 c/n 1208 as registry N269E

Earlier post to the Stallion click on link

Earlier post to the H-250 click on link

Earlier post to the H-295 click on link

I intend to take the article to a photo shop and get a picture to add to photo history progression of the three Helios.

I noticed in the article that the takeoff performance numbers of the Buffalo had to have been with a nearly empty Airplane.


Jason Stephens

WOW!  That article made my day.  How times have changed.


Hi Guys- a few years ago I was up at Greenville, Me. for the Annual Seaplane Flyin.  When I got to the banquet on Friday night in the big hangar up at the airport things were jumping- the DelLorme InReach guys were buying the drinks so my partner and I split up, I to the Drinks Line and he with instructions to "Find Someone Interesting to sit with".  When I got to him with the drinks I found myself with the Rev Bob Bryan.(the Flying Parson of LaBrador, as we all know)  I spent an interesting evening with him over lobsters and whatever and he included many stories about flying Helios in LaBrador but also told me the stories about doing this very thing- STOL/Helio  work in Manhatten on the Hudson.  Great guy and many great stories.  Cheers/ Bob     (Greenville again in two weeks!)

Kevin Dunn

Great article, Doug. Thanks for posting it.


Doug Johnson 1

You guys are welcome, this site doesn't have a social media like button and I admit I  was wondering if anyone was reading this stuff.

I'll keep looking for stuff to share.