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Doug Johnson

Eng mount
« on: July 14, 2021, 01:19:25 PM »
Helio prototype engine mount.

By the way "Flathorn" I found a couple straight H-250 eng mounts if you are interested.

I found this picture in the social media, but my search only pulled up the individual blog and not the page, so there was little information other than someone was building a prototype engine mount for a Helio Courier, that tight tolerance were needed for tig welding, and there were three pictures, nothing about which eng it was for.

It looks a lot like a H-250 O540 mount, which is a rear mount like this appears to be.

Anyone know anything more since it was on a social media I dont believe its any kind of secret, but I sure would like to know more especially which eng. Is it for an experimental Helio?

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