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JAARS Helio N62JA, SN 1443 For Sale

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N62JA is still for sale, price has been lowered to $150K. This is a sweet airplane and someone is going to get a deal. It's in the shop at the moment for annual and I see new tires going on, MLG inspection happening and a host of other things. I've attached a file with the current numbers as of today. Take a look!!

If interested, call Rick at 980-328-9246.

Jason Stephens:
I'm surprised it is still available.  If anyone wanted to buy my two projects I'd be flying out your way to bring it home.

Kevin Dunn:
I agree with you Jason. It is a nice airplane that is ready for summer fun with no wrenching involved!!


Hi I’m new to sight but serious about about buying 295, I’ve been in communication with Marion that owns N6342V has 2500 + tt but the JAARs N62JA looks pretty good too but over 10000 tt, I want a float plane to fly around the NOrth west, Marion’s plane has been unhangered for 47 years and the lower time of 2500 hrs is appealing but looking for guidance. Thank you!

I know Marion's plane and I know the person who has maintained it for many years.  It is a good Helio and the mechanic who has worked it for the past 15-20 years is a good Helio wrench and an honest mechanic.  That said, JAARS planes seem to command a premium (well deserved) because they have an excellent pedigree.


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