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JAARS Helio N62JA, SN 1443 For Sale

Started by jmetzler, May 02, 2018, 10:45:20 AM

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N62JA is still for sale, price has been lowered to $150K. This is a sweet airplane and someone is going to get a deal. It's in the shop at the moment for annual and I see new tires going on, MLG inspection happening and a host of other things. I've attached a file with the current numbers as of today. Take a look!!

If interested, call Rick at 980-328-9246.

Jason Stephens

I'm surprised it is still available.  If anyone wanted to buy my two projects I'd be flying out your way to bring it home.

Kevin Dunn

I agree with you Jason. It is a nice airplane that is ready for summer fun with no wrenching involved!!



Hi I’m new to sight but serious about about buying 295, I’ve been in communication with Marion that owns N6342V has 2500 + tt but the JAARs N62JA looks pretty good too but over 10000 tt, I want a float plane to fly around the NOrth west, Marion’s plane has been unhangered for 47 years and the lower time of 2500 hrs is appealing but looking for guidance. Thank you!


I know Marion's plane and I know the person who has maintained it for many years.  It is a good Helio and the mechanic who has worked it for the past 15-20 years is a good Helio wrench and an honest mechanic.  That said, JAARS planes seem to command a premium (well deserved) because they have an excellent pedigree.

Doug Johnson 1

See history post here

and 16 Helios for sale here see no. 12

last post was this
JAARS has  N62JA (H295 1400) for sale right now. It could be purchased for $140K. It is a flying aircraft wit  relatively low time engines and props. It is in the 10000 hour total time range but has been well maintained and sports many STC's. It has the 3800 lb gross weight, JAARS seats and Brownline track, Lord shimmy dampers. It has the swing up Utility door, and  120 gallon wings but only 60 gallon tanks (mains, no aux) installed and it has a cargo pod.

Personally this is the Helio I would by just for the mods and seats, but I would remove the cargo pod and regain some lost performance.


Both N61JA and N62JA are up for sale. I spoke at length with Marion last week regarding N6342V, this is a very well maintained airplane with lots of extra's, such as 10" tail-wheels her late husband had custom fabricated, X-wind gear, straight gear, 3800 pound gross weight. Currently on EDO 3430 straight floats. Marion says that if anyone is interested to contact her.

Larry Montgomery taught her late husband how to fly Helio's when the airplane was purchased in 1971.

With that being said, both JAARS airplanes regardless of their high time airframes are in excellent condition and have beeen maintained to a very high standard.



N62JA in the air over Lake Winnebago during the photo shoot with EAA


Thanks everybody for your reply’s, another question on Marion’s 295, very sweet lady by the way, she needs to write a book on her life adventures, anybody have any idea what market value is on N6342V?


I am also in the market for a Helio, and am sure we have looked at the same ones currently for sale.
I think ultimately it comes down to the same scenario as any other somewhat rare and/or unusual item: they are worth whatever one or more other people will pay for them........
The real question is: What is it worth to you? And then find the one with the most value per dollar...
If I needed a float plane, that would be N6342V currently. However I have no use for the floats, but love the big tundra gear.....
I may end up with a C180 or 185, just because in all reality, I need the speed, reliability and ease of maintenance more than i need the STOL performance, and it hurts really bad to admit that.
Hope that helps..... Good luck.


Hello Capt. Carroll,  I may have a Helio on Floats that may be available for purchase soon.  Please reply if you are interested.