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c/n 1274, 66-14"372"
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1 (maybe) picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about “66-14372” or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 1274, built 09/67 as U-10D s/n 66-14372 for USAF accepted 09/67, t/n “66-14372” to USAF 5th ACS, 14th ACW, USAF Bien Hoa S/Vietnam, incident after sucesssful forced landing near airfield dropped from sling by HH-3E Jolly Green Giant Helicopter while being recovered 5/69, w/o as dbr (11th[/sup] of 12 Helios lost in S/Vietnam)

This is the only helio in this group that's not listed with 14th SO Wing 5th SO Squadron anyone know if this group of 6 was with 5th ACS, or the 5th SOS ?

This Helio might be 66-14372 or 63-13104 recovered by helicopter an HH-3E Jolly Green Giant?
Thinking about it probably c/n 612 since it is not painted with camoflauge and large 3 digit tail number.
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Re: c/n 1274, 66-'14372'
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The picture above was posted in error. The resolution is to poor to read the t/n, the Helio in picture is  actually #1245 (66-14343) and I cannot edit the  the post above and remove it. but does give an interesting perspective.

link to c/n 1245

From information recently discovered c/n 1274, 66-"14372" was dropped but apparently not destroyed it appears it was probably repaired after being dropped during helicopter recovery attempt.

Link to water world mock up

Below is how I have elected to edit the history paragraph at top of page;
w/o (11th of 12 Helios lost in S/Vietnam) Probably sent to Tuy Hoa, Thailand RTAFb for parts, or possibly sent to Tainan Taiwan for repairs, partially repaired and stored at Tainan in inactive storage and later sold at salvage sale, or sent to Thailand in 10/69 along with 1272, 73, 75, and 76, Thai Military assistance program  (1 of 7) Binh Thuy USAF Base at Tuy Hoa, RTAF 7th Wing, 71st Sqn, Kiri Khan RTAFB, t/n บ.ธ.๑ service period 1969-'86 ?, ?, the a/c eventually came into the possession of Yett & Gayle Gardner sold '94, Michael Steele [San Diego Seaplanes (4th of 5)] CA '95, King Kona productions inc HI, paint scheme for movie Helio 'post apocalypse urban camouflage', sold '95, Steve Murray CA sold '18, Benny Meyers (5th of 5) AK

Dish in firewall for 100A generator indicates this is a U-10D note H-250 O-540 motor mount

This is an asymmetric U-10D panel probably the best panel with the more panel space and still has  right side taxi visibility.

left side of vertical stabilizer   

right side of vertical stabilizer

below notice H-295 cowling H-295 oil cooler, taxi landing lts filled, carb air inlet covered over

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Re: c/n 1274, 66-14"372"
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I just looked at those photos again the fuselage is definitely a U-10D.

   There is no 66-41372 U-10D only 66-14372. I am misreading that #. Dyslexia? Wishful thinking?
   Did some one make an error or was it deliberate when they painted the number on, whats going on here?

   The RTAF identifier marks were 4 digit numbers like 2223 thru 2231 and 7141 thru 7149 and as
    far as I know always on the nose and the USAF s/n was retained on the tail. I'm baffled for the moment.

   The curves and lines the number is in aren't really military looking and the way the second # looks it appears
   some what like 411372 and that doesn't fit any U-10D either.

Anyone got any ideas? Seriously.

Looking at those numbers for a third time and the way they don't quite fit it looks like the 4 and 1 have been transposed at
 some time for some purpose so I intend to stick with 14372 until proven wrong.
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