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WaterWorld Helio mock-up c/n 1474
« on: November 17, 2017, 04:30:34 PM »
Hey guys, the WaterWorld H-295 Helio mock-up, has sold to Benny Meyers along with the cage jig.
And I have finally located the Data plate, now I  just need the to get the construction (build) number off of it to verify things, and it will no longer be an unknown Helio. The tail cone appears to be a H-295 part number and the cowling appears to be a H-295 cowling with the landing and taxi Lights filied in. This just the opposite of what I was previously told, and it may be just that the vertical tail with painted over serial number is from U-10D

Benny says may resurrect the Waterworld Helio using parts from his H-250, but probably something other than the post apocalypse urban camouflage, for a color scheme.

Benny also says he may have some parts for sale. He asks what are you looking for.

Steve Murray's crash-cage/fuselage rebuild jig, in my opinion was an overlooked part of the sale by everyone.

below notice H-295 cowling H-295 oil cooler, taxi landing lts filled, carb air inlet covered over

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Re: WaterWorld Helio mock-up c/n 1474
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I misread the number on the tail as 3172 but it really looks more like 1372 only thing close as far as military s/n is 14372 but that U-10D was reported as destroyed when dropped from a Helicopter in S/Vietnam during a salvage attempt. Maybe at a later date we will get a better look at the painted over number, it may turn out to be interesting.

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Re: WaterWorld Helio mock-up
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Steve had a guy working with him back in those days, great metal guy.  Karsten (sp?) I think was his name.  If anyone can track him down he might be able to answer a lot of questions.

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Re: WaterWorld Helio mock-up
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The "Waterworld" Helio mockup is c/n 1274 s/n (66-14372) tail number 14372 a U-10D it wasn't destroyed just written off in S/Vietnam and possibly sent to RTAF Prachuap, Thailand for parts, or possibly sent to Tainan Taiwan for repairs, then sent to Thailand in 10/69 along with 4 other U-10Ds in a Military assistance program 1272, 73, 75, and 76, or possibly sent to Air America for parts but most of Air America Helios went to the Philippines when they closed up the shop, but  at least one other Helio, a U-10B c/n 636 made its way from Thailand to Hawaii.
     Link to 1272
     Link to 1273
     Link to 1275
     Link to 1276

The flyable 'Water World' Helio c/n 636 was put together in Hawaii before it went to California. And according to Mike steel the mockup was purchased from the same people and put together to look like a U-10B in Hawaii before it was sent to CA.
 Link to c/n 636

c/n 1274 s/n (66-14372) t/n 14372 apparently never had a registry mark with any country so nothing definitive is known about the owner or location after the a/c was w/o and left the  USAF or even when the Airframe was purchased by Norman Yett & Gayle Gardner HI sold '94, Michael Steele (San Diego Seaplane Tours) Ca sold '95, King Kona productions inc HI, for use as a mockup in the Water World movie, paint scheme for movie Helios was 'post apocalypse urban camouflage'.
     Link to c/n 1274

Dish in firewall for 100A generator indicates this is a U-10D

This is an asymmetric U-10D panel probably the best panel with the most panel space and best right side taxi visibility.

left side of vertical stabilizer   

right side of vertical stabilizer
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