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Re: 17 Helios & 3 projects for sale
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c/n 509, RA-2777G is still for sale now by "AVITO" price is somewhat lower at about $200K I will add a couple of photos and open them above.

There are a couple more picture at the site below one shows the baggage compartment and I'm pretty sure the bracket shown is for the compressed Nitrogen tank for the Skis.

It appears that the a/c refurbishment has been completed with a lot of money spent on the panel

click on link

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Doug Johnson

Re: 17 Helios & 3 projects for sale
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was Down to 13 helios for sale when c/n 1259 N808BD sold 11/20 to Aviation trust co, don't know who that is but I see it has been down around Guatemala city, Guatemala for the last few days, appears to be based there.

I wonder if Aviation trust co is Jim Hope & Stephen Trott who own c/n 056, N444PB the first Helio listed above.

Looks like I got in a hurry to edit this post just found 4 more Helios for sale at, so that brings it back up to 17 Helio & 3 projects see them at Aircraft controller

Anyone know anything about N808BD it is no longer listed anywhere that I can find for sale but I checked the registry under the serial # and the actual N-reg and it still appears to belong to Jim Hope & Stephen Trott.
I added these 4 below to the sale list

c/n 1710 HT-295 N74MW

c/n 1712 HT-295 N68890

c/n 1249 H/T N5383G

c/n 1257 H/T N5387G

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