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Vertical Stab AD
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Hi All,
Haven't done much with my Helio since I started racing Formula 1 airplanes. Seems it takes all of my time these days ( But I love my 391b and wanted to show some work I had to do on it.

We started an extensive annual in the winter as I wanted to completely go through everything on the plane. We were surprised to find that the old tail SB17 from 1958 and SB20 from 1959, both of which have mandatory compliance had not been performed or even addressed in all the past annuals at least in the logs that I had. SB20 was easy enough to comply with though the work in the tail cone was not fun. My 115 lbs wife got the enjoyable experience of crawling back there to deal with some turnbuckles etc.

The tail doublers were a bit more of a project. I couldn't believe that it wouldn't have been performed over the years at some point so we spent a lot of time talking to JAARS and various experts to confirm that it indeed needed to be done.

It's interesting that I spent probably 8 hours alone manufacturing the parts for SB17 and there is a note at the end of that document that says "order these parts from Helio for $12"...of course that was from 1958 but still...damn...

I removed the fin and stripped the paint. I found the original blue paint underneath. It was some really good paint and not easy to strip. Then it was thouroughly cleaned and inspected. The fin was in excellent condition once it was cleaned up.

Thanks Doug for showing me how to insert the pics!

Regards to all,
Tim Mc

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Re: Vertical Stab AD
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More pics of the process of making then installing the doublers.

Tim Mc

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Re: Vertical Stab AD
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Tail SB17

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Re: Vertical Stab AD
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It's hard to see the 3 outside doublers in this pic. The 2 on the left are easily seen and there is one more at the corner on the right side of the picture that is harder to see.
I also sand blasted all of the hinges, replace bearings as needed and chromated/painted the steel parts.

I also removed and went through the horizontal stab where I found a leading edge balancing weight that had been loose for some time. I'll post that fun project later.

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