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Unidentified Helio III

Started by Doug Johnson 1, June 14, 2017, 06:01:22 PM

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Doug Johnson 1

Unidentified Helio I found this picture as Kaktovik Bush Plane, and since I thought the background was interesting I decided to re-post it. I believe it is one of Wright airs Helios but because of the angle of which the picture was taken it is difficult to even compare to other Helio pictures.

Anyone have any ideas as to which Helio it is?

Previous posts below of unidentified Helios.


The colors tell me it is N713C c/n 1438.

Doug Johnson 1

Thanks Russell,
I forgot that I have that Helio listed under Bob Bursiel, I guess I need to add wright to the File somehow, so it will come up when I search, I didn't even look at 1438.

Doug Johnson 1

Here is another unidentified Helio listed as NTMA Helio in Philippines in the photo Gallery.

Anyone know what NTMA stand for?

Kevin Dunn


NTMA stands for New Tribes Mission Aviation.  A friend of mine flew this airplane when it was in the Philippines. I am working on getting info from his widow.


Doug Johnson 1

Thanks, Kevin

I have c/n 531, and c/n 600 listed under New Tribes Mission Aviation.;topicseen#msg3990

would you ask about the eventual fate of the aircraft?

Doug Johnson 1

Here is another unidentified Helio. It is an AK Helio. I thought it might be one of the Wright Airservice Helios but it doesn't quite seem to fit any of them. I notice an electric bear fence around the camp.

Can anyone take a guess at the registry mark? it looks like a blue and tan airplane with a tan highlight on the tail.

Any chance it might be #1454, N42DC, or N6477V  I don't have a photo of that Helio.

It's a beautiful picture and it makes a nice computer desktop background is it a sunrise photo or is a sunset photo?

Doug Johnson 1

Kevin, any word back on the NTMA photo.

Kevin Dunn

Doug Johnson 1

Here is an addition to the unidentified Helios. The WaterWorld mock up was made from the fuselage of a Helio, I've been told it is a H-395 but I haven't discovered yet what the c/n was. The stabilator has a 391-00-000 part number further indicating it is probably a H-395 part.

Its quite possible there are some salvageable parts here. It looks ugly but that is just paint that has faded a little. I have had some experience with it in a movie runaway train filmed in AK when it used on some of our locomotives to make them look old and rusty. It is a mostly water soluble paint but it takes some serious scrubbing to get it off. Southern CA is relatively dry so underneath that paint there may be some salvageable parts. Most parts look straight enough to make patterns and molds from. If I needed any of those parts I would take a hard look before writing it off as scrap.

That said can anyone help me with a c/n, military s/n or an old N no. registry?

Doug Johnson 1

O.K. this is the link to the auction it seems the mock up is a H-295 looks like a U-10D panel and there is another set of 60 gal wings and an H-395 tail cone, a couple tailwheels, a psngr door and some other misc parts.

Here is the link


Doug,  Did you  find any more info or photos or more description on the Water World Helio?  I couldn't see much on the link or an accurate list of what is actually there. No photos on link that I could find.

Doug Johnson 1

If you click on the link it should open a new window go to that window then scroll down to the different lots starting with 6 then you can click on the photos it will then take you to more photos of what is at on each lot.

If that doesn't work send e-mail me your phone #, I haven't visited with you for about 3 years anyway.


I got to know Steve Murray around 1998 when we bought 18JC (1719).  Steve build the pylons for the wing mounted camera, used the next year by Pima County, and built the muffler system for 5387G (1457) in 2001, first used by Pima County.  Steve talked about the Waterworld Helio but I only remember him telling the story of the second Waterworld Helio that he built for the green screen shooting.   That is the process in which actors and their props are placed in front of a large green screen in a studio.  In post production backgrounds are inserted into the picture only showing up in the areas of the green screen.  In any case I have no information that I can remember from Steve on the actual flying Helio in Waterworld only the second Helio built for the green screen studio work.  I think it was only a main fuselage used for closeups of the actors in the plane.   I do remember Steve saying the actors were very impressed and they could not tell the difference between the flying aircraft and the one used in the studio.  I always assumed Steve had his hand in the movie aircraft but really do not know that as fact and I have no idea how the Helio was selected for the movie.  Like to hear if anyone knows more about it.     

Doug Johnson 1

The WaterWorld Helio that actually flew was c/n 636, N101BL.

click on link to look at c/n 636

I'm trying to find the c/n or registry # of the fuselage that was used for the mock up, which now appears to be a H-295 U-10D but may have a H-395 tailcone haven't got that part sorted out yet.