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Raised Instrument Panels

Started by Namaolen, March 15, 2016, 05:02:05 PM

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Hi,  Does anyone out in the Helio world know where I could get ahold of some raised left and right instrument panels as shown in the picture. Is there a company out there that can make them for a Helio instrument panel.  See the attached picture.

Gordon Cragg

The panels pictured in the image are not factory originals. They were probably made by a radio shop during an installation of some type.
The original left hand (pilot) panel is a stamped hydroformed piece, with the curved edges that looks like a Beechcraft Baron or Bonanza panel. The right hand panel was a structural panel.
We have access to the left hand panel die, however, there has not been enough interest to have some stamped out.
Gordon Cragg

Doug Johnson

That's a 1400 style panel but if you enlarge the picture you can see the raised portion on both sides are flat panels raised using rubber vibration dampeners. Relatively easy to make.

I personally believe the U-10D panel is the way to go as did Larry Montgomery it is non-symmetrical lower on the right side. It gives you slightly better visibility on the right side while taxiing.

The Helio I know of that has that panel is 1217 and 1251.  I will attach a picture also notice the cut out in the Yoke and spring loaded wire bail on the left yoke it holds an approach page right in front of you. I believe 1251 was modified and raised too much on the left side.

I always intended to modify my yoke but couldn't find the clipboard that the wire was taken off of.

I also attached a picture of 1233's panel I made the padded glare shield I also put green instrument lighting under the overhang like is used in some expensive cars.



Thanks guys,  my Helio has the left raised panel so I'm going to see if there is a shop that can punch out a right side panel and will likely get a couple made if the price is right. It makes life so much easier if a person wants to upgrade to a glass panel at a later date.