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HT 295 #1709 For Sale

Started by JamesCaird, April 07, 2016, 03:01:13 PM

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HT 295 #1709 is for sale.  Was brought from Tucson, AZ, as a parts airplane.  It is complete less firewall forward.  Originally powered with GO480, converted in Tucson to Allison R/R 250 turbine engine and was flown for 7000 hours as aerial surveillance  platform by Pima County Sherriff's Department.
Retired about 2014 with intention by them to refurbish and continue operations, then project was put on hold.  All removable airframe components except wings themselves were removed, overhauled and painted.  Instrument panel was removed for upgrade.  Presently with Jim Metzler in NC for evaluation :  he says really good for 14000 hour Helio (as we know , he was seen many!) 
Am thinking $35K for everything mentioned. Can work on delivery idea.  Photos on request by email.  Look in Doug's history for #1709.  You can try me at 617 480 4797/ (Massachusetts)/  Bob Wallace



hi Brantreid-  check your PM's or call/  Cheers/ Bob Wallace