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H391B fuel system

Started by Barry Dechert, March 23, 2016, 01:06:53 PM

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Barry Dechert

391 owners may be able to shed some light on the fuel feed system on the 60 gallon configuration. Reviewing the IPC it details a fuel shutoff valve located above the left rear seat and actuated by a push pull cable, the lever is above the pilot. I suppose this is because the fuel return from the pump is feeding back into the right tank. Being there is only 1 fuel on lever so fuel balance can be managed. I did not find this configuration when I disassembled it for repair. Are there some out there configured this way? It does show this same configuration for 60 gallon or 120 gallon capacity. Also has anyone ever seen the aircraft configured with the aux. 25 gallon fuel bag located in the rear? Thanks for any input.


The drawing you posted is for the military H395 fuel system, not the H391B. The H391B system used a header tank to the right of the co-pilot and only fed out of the rear tank outlets. It had one shut-off valve on the RH side between the gascolator and the firewall. Jim

Barry Dechert

Thank you Jim, I thought of that after I posted. At least I know for sure. In your opinion the fuel system doesn't need this. Just wondering why the difference. (If it isn't broke don't try and fix it?).

Barry Dechert

I had posted the wrong IPC diagram, but the valve for the 60 gallon configuration is the same. I did find further information on the 25 gallon "reserve tank which requires an additional gascolator also a 3 position fuel selector valve refers to a drawing 391-808-901. I wonder where someone could find that. Along with the parts needed?