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FOR SALE -- 1967 HT-295 (ex. U10-D) c/n# 1251

Started by cmeier, February 16, 2016, 12:45:52 PM

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FOR SALE -- 1967 HT-295 (ex. U10-D)  c/n# 1251

Here is a rare opportunity to own an extensively refurbished Helio.  We own 2 of these and now that the refurb is complete on c/n #1715, this one is up for sale.  Now that winter is winding down I'm back in town and ready to find a new home for this beautiful plane.

The detailed history of this aircraft (thanks Doug!) can be found here:

The listing can be found here:

Contact me (Chris) at 503-720-3460 for more details.  The A&P who did the entire refurbishment and has maintained the aircraft for the last 3 years is available to discuss this plane in specific detail.  I can provide his contact information upon request.


Great paint job. Am painting # 1006 in Canada and will use a similar scheme but Replace the Stars with Maple Leafs.