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Doug Johnson

Abandoned Helio
« on: February 04, 2016, 10:17:52 AM »
I found this recent photo at Flicker, Note dish on firewall found only on U-10s with 100amp gen.

It is located near Hopewell NJ.

Anyone know anything about it, or how to find out more about it.

Daniel Berek
Abandoned and Forgotten Helio Courier
A year ago, while I was riding in a car, I thought I saw this plane. I had been trying to locate it since then. On Wednesday, I finally spotted it - I wasn't seeing things! The tiny driveway off a busy highway is very difficult to negotiate and required several go-arounds. I noticed some cool abandoned buses, but the area seriously gave me the creeps - I expected some goon with a shot gun any moment. I got my airplane picture and hightailed it.

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Doug Johnson

Re: Abandoned Helio
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Anything new on this Helio it appears to no longer be at Hopewell, NJ

Doug Johnson 1

Re: Abandoned Helio
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It appears I am replying to my own post again.

Bob Wallace took a couple pictures of this Helio and another one and sent them to me.

Bob says;
 "I stopped at the NJ site with the Helios in the woods again. No human beings on site that I could rouse out but, as I said before,  a "dualing banjos" sort of place.  This time I had someone with me to watch my back.  Many sheds and vehicles parked, the airplanes are full of miscellaneous junk.  Earlier I had found one Helio wing laying in the grass.

 I noted that both fuselages had their gear legs and oleo struts, wheels and tires. At least one had the tailwheel assembly. One had some original seats inside but pilot door missing.

 I also noted that the Carry-Through AD had never been done.  Also no gussets added to gear legs which was another AD.  These have been retired for a long time.  the H-395 is pretty open, crash cage is all rusted.  The other one is closed up with good doors and all, much better shape.  Some incidental damage in top rear of tail-cone but not wrecked, more like something fell on it some time.

 The open one is H-395 #608.  Build date 10/1963.  The other is also a H-395 but could find no numbers, data plates removed.  #608 is missing doors and panel.  The other is fairly complete, not wrecked, still has panel and interior.  Neither seemed wrecked but just weathered. These fuselages have been out in the elements for a long time.

 Still bears further looking into.  Will investigate further."

With data plate is missing on this fuselage we still don't know the manufactures build number on the mostly complete fuselage.

I think it is a U-10D because of the bowl shaped indentation in the firewall for the 100 Amp gen. It is still located near Hopewell NJ. Another person couldn't find it and said it was gone.

I will post the picture of the other Fuselage which has a data plate under c/n 608.

link to c/n 608 click on

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Re: Abandoned Helio
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The abandoned U-10D Helio as well as c/n 069 and c/n 608 at Hopewell NJ have been purchased by Bob Wallace

I hope bob doesn't mind me sharing his Email with you guys. It does sound like fun wish I was there for this treasure hunt.

Doug- reporting that we made a deal for all the Helios and parts in the woods near Pennington, NJ.  Who knows what can be useful?  3 fuselages (2 are partial only) #069 and #608. The 3rd (U-10D) I cannot find a number. These likely are not flying again anywhere.  3 sets of wings, one is pretty good, others some damage, one of which may be for internal parts only.  Many gear legs, maybe 4 useful.  Found unopened boxes of parts from Helio with packing slips for 1960:  at least 6 pairs of gear leg fairings,complete assemblies, for example, listed price $56.03 each!!!!)  ha ha.  Other boxes still unopened, possibly full of Laotian gold?  # 608 seems to have been AirAmerica in Laos.  Loaded some big parts out Thursday, still another boatload of parts to load out.  Sort of an archaeological dig. C/n 069 N6021 is still in the barn behind an old Riley automobile. Very disassembled. One wing was cut by some scrap dealer before he got stopped. Another complete Wing, flaps and slats half under rubble of collapsed barn roof. Also a good C-170 wing and tail feathers up there. Great fun. Much unidentified stuff. How about a good pair of Wings for your Beech 18?  I took photos.  More later.  Cheers/ Bob

looking forward to photos

link to c/n 608

Link to c/n 069;topicseen#msg7212
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