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Started by yukonranger, November 07, 2015, 05:08:51 PM

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When I last bought Bushwheels only the 29" ones where certified for the Helio. They have been great and lasted a long time.  Now I see that the 31" and 35" ones are approved for the Helio.  Has anyone used these?  How do you like them?  Any issues with tailwheel shimmy?  Thanks


Never mind.  Looks like only the 26" and 29" versions are approved


The 31" are cerfitied on the 391b and the 395.  I have seen a number of 395s with the 3800 lbs gw and 31" tires.  But that combinations is not recommended as the sidewalls are too soft. I spent a lot of hours talking with the folks at bushwheels about the options for my 295.  I went with the 29x11x10 instead of the bushwheels, but it did sound like the heavy walled 29" would have been a great tire!


witch one with the Goodyears crosswind landing gear ??


I had crosswind gear until I walked in the door at bushwheels.  There are just not many tires that I could find that fit on the 8" wheel of the crosswinds.  Before I got my 29x11x10s I had a 22" tire on the crosswind gear.  I flew that setup for about 50 hours before switching to a 10" wheel and a straight axle.  I did look around for a bigger tire to mount on the croswswind hub, but the 22" seemed to be about as big as I could get.


Did you get the shaved 29x11x10s ?  When I bought my Alaskan Bushwheels 10" wheels with the 29" Airhawks, I debated on regular stock Airhawks with the deep grooves or the shaved ones.  I decided on the unshaved, but have always wondered if I made the right choice.  I haven't installed them yet so I don't know any of the relative merits, either way.  I like the shaved tires idea of a little less weight and the absence of the tread grooves' possible danger of picking up gravel or rocks, flinging them at the prop or tail.  The N.E. Oregon Alaskan Bushwheels guy also sold me the double puck Cleveland wheel and brake kit, 199-62 for the conversion.  I'm looking forward to the improved braking action.  Now I have to find a better tailwheel set-up! 

Doug Johnson

Maybe the tailwheel the Factory installed on H-4 N8004 is what you are looking for.

You should talk to Gordon about it.


I did not go with the shaved tires.  It seemed silly to grind so much life off of the tires just to save 4 pounds per side, with all that heavy rubber they wear like iron and will probably be the only tires I buy for 10 years.  I know that the grooves can pick up some rocks or sand, but I really am not too concerned about that.  The grooves are pretty narrow and most of the places I play have rocks that are either much larger than the grooves or so much smaller they wont get caught and thrown around.

The 199-62 brakes have significantly improved braking action.  But I never felt that the crosswinds lacked sufficient braking force.  They had always provided more than enough stopping long as there was enough brake pad!

I am still looking for a good tail wheel options myself.  A few of the long time Helio drivers I have spoken with have suggested just running a tail ski year round.  All the flotation you could need in soft sand or on the tundra.  Sure you need a new tail ski every few years but your tail never sinks in!  Not sure how I feel about this approach, but looking at the picture Louis took of his H800 with the tail buried in the sand I am tempted to try!


But my tailwheel was stuck.  No way it would had go like that deep into the sand if it was turning