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H391B modifications

Started by Barry Dechert, November 02, 2015, 06:20:24 PM

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Barry Dechert

 I have a H391B, s/n 091 which has been a project. I have noticed several Helio's which have shark fins (cooling louvers) located on the top cowl to cool the upper deck of the engine. I imagine these located for additional cooling because of cylinder temp.? Has anyone with a H391B installed a larger oil cooler? Is this needed for the H391B.


Hi Barry
I have one of those cowling and is it not good
that make turbulence on the Cowling and we dont want that
the air have to be more fluid  from the top to the bottom not to go up to exit by those shark opening
the best is to have a big oil cooler like a 295 or 395
the problem is more the oil temperature than the cylinder temperature
I have the nose and bottom cowling am looking to find a top cowl good or bad to change   ( i have not the top ) to change it for an original one.

Barry Dechert

The cowling upper, lower that I have which is the only one I have needs extensive repair. Pretty banged up. Can do but it will take time. Denis how do you like the crosswind gear? Is yours lock able? I ask because that is what I have installed. What is a good size tire considering you like to land & takeoff off field operation.


do you have a free tailwheel  because with the crosswind  gear  you have to.
the tail have to be in the same direction than the main
the tier size i will tell you soon i don t remember   

I am taking experience with but i have to practice more with crosswind
Louis and I  will put Go-Pro camera on my plane to show you how its work for real

Louis have to write  the texte because is english is very very better than mine
have a good day

Barry Dechert

 Hello Denis,
The tail wheel I have is free but also lockable. I have these parts to install not complete as mine is still being put together. Originally it was strictly free wheel then I had picked up parts to make it a lockable tail wheel. Much the same as the crosswind gear would be lockable also. I appreciate the input from people who are currently flying Helio's who know what works. Thank You again, Barry.