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Old subject matter on ski's on Helio's

Started by Barry Dechert, October 29, 2015, 09:01:46 AM

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Barry Dechert

I was going through some old post found a Denis registration C-G011. I had a question on the ski's installed what type are they and hydraulic extension how they operate? Admired the cowling wondering if that was fiberglass or some other material. Nice looking aircraft.


Since Denis does not seems to answer, here is what i know.  The cowling is fiberglass.  The louvers on each side are not well place to promote air flow between the cyclinders.  He did some work on the cowling to make it work.  Now it does work, but for some reasons Denis will retrun to a standart aluminium cowling when he will find one and have the time to switch.

The skis are AWB 3500.  Hydraulic.  I think type certificate on a 391.  On other Helio, one time field approval is required.  GOII have a manual pump between the front seats.  For me the best until retractable from airglass will be available and then we will be able to compare.  Helio on skis are really great performer.  Can't think of another plane that will work as well on the snow.  If you compare wheel skis to wheel skis.  They can even work pretty well with penetration skis.  Wich is an impossible mission for other planes.

Part of the reason might be the gear box engine that gives his pulling power even when the plane is not moving forward, but may be another reason too:  skis equipped planes are very sensitive to weight.  Put 500 pounds on your skis, and the plane might not start to move.  The Helio have a lot of his weight on the tail.  Because the landing gear is so forward.  Weight on the tail does not tax you so much, compare to being on the front.  Because part of the power of the engine is transferred to the stab to lighten it.  Full power when not moving won't lighten your front skis, but it will lighten your tail.  Anyway, for some reasons, Helio are just great on skis.  Even a H250 will go anywhere.

This plane is equipped with the famous original badmouthed crosswind landing gear.  Denis is becoming an expert handling the original gear.  I did had the chance to go with him.  More on this later.



I will send more pics of the installation soon
Louis thanks to explain and for the cowling i am looking for a top cowlling  (good or not) to copy it