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Helio Gathering 2011

Started by greatlakeshelio, March 24, 2011, 07:10:05 AM

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The word is out at EAA. I was there this morning and had everyone at the top office asking me who was coming and how many airplanes. They will be printing it up in the July issue which is out now but will be on their website. We have a lot of publicity for this so, we need airplanes.

Bring your Helio, if you can make it



I will be there early Friday morning to greet those arriving that day, if you need additional info call Bill Kinsman (920) 596-3400

I'll be helping set-up the grills. Friday lunch menu will be posted tomorrow

See you there



The camping area is all set up, I just got back and was out there all morning.

We will have the hottest weather of the season till Thursday, all next week is forecast to be mid-90's. Dew points in the lower 70's. Bermuda High is to blame. The chance for any rain/thunder is less than 30%

I'll have pics later



Helio One..

If you see this I'm there, which I will be


Central County Airport (68C) as of this morning.

Free camping, free firewood, free hot water, Weber Grille, enough room for 10 Helio's, firepit, and wooded area.

The Helio Gathering is on!!!

Doug Johnson

You guys,
Must know that those of us not lucky enough to go to the "gathering" expect a full accounting of what went down at the Central County Airport.

Please tell me some one took notes and pictures?



You are just going to have to wait!!


On Friday July 22 I had cancellations from everyone, the timing was not on my side. After months of preparation planning and all sorts of things, it appears weather, maintenance and broken airplanes plagued any chance of a turn out. After talking with Steve Johnson of Super his attendance was down considerably as well. He had reservations for 225 Cubs and only 135 showed up.

Not everything goes as planned but we'll try again. Last Friday we did have C-FEFT fly in from Winnipeg, CA so one is better than none I tell ya'