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Helio Gathering 2011

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We are attempting to do this again, with perhaps better circumstances.

Updates will be posted daily. We need airplanes for this, so if you can, please make a point to attend. Future of Helio will be discussed, parts, aircraft in service, and great time and at a first class event

More today, so stay tuned..


Helio Gathering and Conference/Fly-In has been finalized with the following information.

Dates: July 22, 23, and 24, 2011

Location: Central County Airport (68C) Iola, Wisconsin

Facility: The airport has a first class club house which will be open, the Friday Lunch menu will be posted here one week prior to the event. Hot water showers and plenty of camping areas and there will be a designated area for all Helio Courier/Super Courier aircraft attending.

Who would like to participate in a flight refresher course?? For our Fly-In..

I need a show of hands...So respond here please

Gerald Jordan:
I am curious what kind of course you had in mind? It never hurts to find out more especially since I had very little instruction.

I have a qualified Helio pilot/instructor to give a flight clinic in STOL ops, slow flight, landing and T.O techniques and what ever else you want. He will also have the gross weight kits available.

Gerry, we can put you in another Helio since you will not have yours. Right now I'll have one H-391B here.



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