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c/n 1204, N6302V
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7 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1204, built 11/65 H-295, original registry N6302V (previously assigned c/n 1212 ntu) Dealer sold '66, Dr. Douglas Campbell CA accident aircraft ground looped during the takeoff run the pilot lost directional control @ Salt Lake City UT 9/66, install Rayjay/Riley Turbocharger, installed camera mount on bottom surface of wing 6.5 feet outboard of right wing root sold '73, Universal Media inc (Jack Reynolds) TX lower crash-cage/fuselage modified to install camera port, viewing window in floor and place camera on left wing sold '78, John Dykstra, Grant McCune & Robert Shepherd CA incident engine had a sudden power loss and ran rough in cruise a valve guide had failed @ unknown place '85, sold division of Boeing Aircraft co who placed in experimental category for research development classified electronics, note bulge on bottom of fuselage, install 3,800lb up-gross accident the rod end of the steering damper broke, affecting steering and rudder input. The pilot felt something was wrong and aborted the takeoff while rolling out, the aircraft ground looped with minimal damage to the right wing and horizontal stabilizer @ Glasgow MT 5/97, 5/97 Boeing Aircraft co loaned c/n 1204 to Big Bend Community College, to use in it's aviation maintenance technology program, the a/c is airworthy, Boeing used the airplane for flight testing classified electronics, 03/11 the single-engine aircraft is grounded under the Boeing's rules for airplane donations, Boeing deregistered the a/c 03/15

below note camera used while with Universal Media '73-'78

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loaned to college but grounded 03/11 dereg 03/5
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added picture at bottom of queue and edited 'History Paragraph' deregistered '15