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Doug Johnson

c/n 066, N316HW
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3 pics check your albums it would be nice to have a current photo of higher quality of the project in progress or original paint scheme as N4133D

Maybe Ray Dorcey will share a picture or two I've been trying to get him to send one for a couple years. Anyone heard from Ray? He's been awful quite. How is his project progressing?

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c/n 066, built 11/57-391B, original registry N4133D Butler Overseas corp (Rowland Spencer) NY sold '58, dereg export registry HK-988X Columbia rereg '59, HK-988 '62 Taxi Aereo Sabanero ltd (TASS) sold '?, dereg export as N316HW James Bowman & Frank Joy MA placed on 3430 floats (removed augmentor tube and reconfigured as H-395A) sold '67, Harold Friedman GA sold '68, Jacob Tussel Jr NJ sold '70, Thomas GrosJean CT sold '72, Robert Gates NY accident aircraft ground looped during the landing roll after the pilot failed to maintain directional control and the gear collapsed @ Elpaso TX 12/72 sold, Robert Gates CA sold '74, Alaskan Silver & Ivory Co (David Becker & Patrick Gallery) WA accident with the wind gusting 13 knots, the pilot landed with the gear in crosswind mode ground looped and the left gear collapsed during the landing roll @ Bellingham WA 5/81 returned to floats sold '83, Allsop Inc (Mike Allsop 50% - David Becker & Patrick Gallery 50%) WA sold '88, Bristol Bay Sport fishing (Bruce Johnson) AK sold '88, Fox Bay Lodge (Michael Branham) AK placed on Tundra tires sold '89, Gary Mastolier renewed all avionics accident during takeoff from a gravel bar when approximately 3 or 4 feet above the ground, the aircraft got behind the power curve and then stall/mushed into the alders @ Circle AK 9/90 sold '02, (1st of 3) restore project Ray Dorsey Kenai, AK

      c/n 066 up to 102 installation of jump seat for a 5th passenger (optional) first installed on c/n 042
      on c/n 502 to 604 5th jump seat is standard seating (sling seat for 5th and 6th passenger optional)

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Re: c/n 066, N316HW
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added a third photo

I'm really curious what the a/c look like at the present. Why don't one of you guys slip over to Rays house and take a picture.

I haven't heard or seen anything posted by Ray for a long time his last post was March 12, 2018 is Ray still with us?