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Doug Johnson:
15 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 001 was built as prototype c/n 3 military model AU-24A s/n HST-3 but retained that designation just long enough for modifications (primarily replacement of yokes with a stick control system) to be approved by the military, it was placed in production line and upgraded to HST-550A c/n 001 built without nearly 300 modifications and given airworthiness certificate 08/68, original registry N9550A. All AU-24A Stallions were built with monocoque fuselage aft of wing carry through c/n 001 on, while on Factory sales promotion tour, accident the student pilot brought the power lever back to fine pitch during level off and the aircraft made a hard landing and, as a result, the landing gear collapsed @ Nevada MO 9/71, repaired in a week removed wings, stabilator, engine, propeller, main landing gears, strut and wheel assemblies repaired LH wing assembly, stabilator, and rebuilt main shocks, re-installed both wings, main landing gears, stabilator, and installed new Pratt & Whitney engine sold '?, Para-Flite inc (Steve Snyder) NJ sold '75, Aerial Flight inc PA accident while operating as a parajump flight the aircraft was descending at a very steep angle, the engine flamed out, pilot failed to see wires or poles and struck them while making engine out forced landing on the airport @ Gilbertsville-New Hanover airport PA 4/76 sold '76, Texas Instruments, TX installed wing-tip tanks and increased gross weight 5,800lb accident aircraft stalled during initial climb on takeoff, the pilot having selected the wrong runway relative to existing wind conditions, during an instructional training flight @ Dallas TX 5/78 repaired sold '79, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines inc (John Seibold) NV operated without incident (2000 Hr) until sold '81, dereg export as RP-C1550 Asian Alcohol corp (Patrick Parsons 2nd of 2 Helios) Philippines sold '92, dereg export N550HE Helio Eenterprises [David Maytag (now #1 Helio LLC, Partner)] used for skydiving sold '96, Startruck LLC (James Turrell) Flagstaff AZ, [Helio LLC, Partner (2nd Helio of 3)], repainted with military desert camouflage paint scheme, sold 02/21 Larry, Teufel Hilsboro OR military version of 2 still flying.

 As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Just arrived in the Philippines before painting on new mark

Photo belived to have been taken Crowley ranch '21

photos below taken at Alvord Lake OR, Steens Mtns in back '21

more photos here

Factory Brochure (this page re-sized to 1/2)

Doug Johnson:

Doug Johnson:
adding two articles

I previously the AOPA article

Doug Johnson:

Doug Johnson:


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