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c/n 3, VT-DTZ
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4 maybe pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 3, built 12/63 as U-5A for USAF s/n (59-5955) original registry N10033 struck off charge released 02/64, King-Hurley Research Group (CIA front co) DC until 05/64, Corsair Air Serv co FL *install Lyc IO-540-C2C and Rajay/Riley turbochargers STC conv to U-5B configuration*, install oxygen system & 90 gal ferry tank in middle seat position with 81.8 gal usable 62.1 allowable and removable 52 gal wing tip tanks, 06/65 export to Thailand ferry from Norwood MA Northeast US border, reg cancelled 11/65,10/65 rereg VT-DTZ India, operated in cooperation with Govt India Aviation Research Center (ARC) Charbatia Air Base, India in used on Tibet border and probably in Tibet fate unknown reportedly all were destroyed except 1 but none have survived until present

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

These photos are questionable the tail # looks like its photoshopped on, but it may actually be #3 with a temporary tail # as s/n 59-5955 tn '95955' while passing through the Air Force, before being turned over to the CIA and given the registry mark N10033 and converted by them to a U-5B other than that are what c/n 3 built as a U-5A would like

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Re: c/n 3, as N10033
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Helio twin #3 is the only twin I don't have an unquestionable photo of, I was hoping to find one here at air History or here where I found a bit more about the ferry flt from Norwood MA at the Malta site.

or here

The Malta site shows the Aircraft Ferry Corp. as pilot on this Twin Helio and 1 other twin Helio
Twin Helio #3 is 1st to refuel at Malta on 06/'65. #5 passes through a month later as the 2nd to refuel at malta

The Malta site also shows a ferry route from Boston, Torbay, Santa Maria, Valencia to/Beirut which seems like kind of a confusing route to take to get to Malta the ferry permit shows final destination as Thailand  another 4000 miles to Thailand and even the final destination of Charbatia an Air Base in Eastern India which is 2700 miles but it got sorted out with BW's help.

The Atlantic crossing route on all of the 5 twin helios, is Torbay to Santa Maria the shorter southern route, with 2500 mile range, turbocharged twin engines and equipped with oxygen to flyover most weather it seems to be the logical route.

sorted the route; using BW's info
Torbay, (Newfoundland near St Johns)
Santa Maria, (island in the Azores, close to San Miguel) ‚Äč
Valencia, (Spain)
Luqa, (Malta)
Beirut, (Lebanon)
should be a stop between Beirut and Thailand
Thailand, maybe Udorn
Charbatia Air Base, India

see BW's post below

Torbay is Newfoundland near St Johns.  Santa Maria is island in the Azores up close to San MIguel (which is now the major airport) Valencia, Malta, Bierut all are fine.  Seems like there must have been another stop somewhere between Beirut and India. For Thailand in those days the big Helio/CIA/ Etc operational base was Udorn (Udorn Thani) which is in the north of Thailand about 30 miles (maybe) from Vientiene, Laos.  Back to North India not too far back across Burma and Bangladesh.  I have been to most of those SE Asia (and India - Bangladesh)places for one reason or another.

They departed from Norwood, Mass. (rather than Canton one mile away)  because that was where the fuel, paved runways and the paperwork were located.
Cheers BW

for more ferry info go here;topicseen#msg8334
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