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c/n 2532, RP-526
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9 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 2532, built 09/67 as model H-250, original registry N6312V Factory placed in experimental category for dive brake testing and for showing compliance to FAR part 3 with right or left door removed which was then placed operators manual 12/68, Talbert Construction Equipment co (Austin Talbert) IL sold 03/70, Hartzog Aviation inc sold 10/70, dereg export Malaysia 9M-APZ Borneo Evangelical Mission Lawas Sarawak Malaysia repainted in 1400 series paint scheme sold '82, dereg export rereg RP-C526 (Jaars 43rd Helio of 46) converted to H-295 GO-480 (STC SA1383SW) mid 80's by Jaars accident landing emergency landing practice turned into real emergency landing no details @ unknown area 6/88, accident landing no details @ unknown area 10/89, accident landing during runway checkout no details @ unknown area 09/91, transfer '96, re-registered RP-526 R/Philippines Air Force accident during aborted takeoff no details @ unknown area 07/02, R/P AF removed from service donated to R/P Dept education, placed in storage '09 offered for sale, currently '15 money has been appropriated for return to government service with the CAAP Nasuli, R/Philippines

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: c/n 2532, RP-526
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Photo pointed out to me by Steve Williams it is before being converted to H-295
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Re: c/n 2532, RP-526
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I was searching the internet looking for the Helios in the Philippines.
RP-526, c/n 2532, is in Luzon, at the San Fernando (Poro Point) Airport Paliparan ng San Fernando in October 2017

I have attached a link to the Google maps picture:

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Re: c/n 2532, RP-526
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Foster, it appears that RP-526 c/n 2532 is no longer in storage do you know if it is now flying with the CAAP.

Also do you have any idea if RP-43 c/n 1403 has returned to service as well with CAAP money was appropriated in '17 to place  both in service with the CAAP.

I did a screen capture and resized at google maps in an attempt to get a little better resolution.

opened as last photo in the queue above
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Re: c/n 2532, RP-526
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Before the last time Google maps updated, RP-43 was at the same airport, San Fernando Airport, San Fernando, San Fernando, La Union, Philippines; Both Helios, RP-526, and RP-43, were visible parked on the ramp near the control tower.  Now Google Maps only shows only one parked off the taxiway near the Leading Edge International Aviation Academy Hangar (one could have been flying when the satellite took the picture). The third aircraft, RP-39 1957  H-391B  c/n 060, can still be seen on Google Maps at Bagabag Airport, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines.


Re: c/n 2532, RP-526
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RP 526 Mar 2003 01
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Photographer: Matthew Laird Acred
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Re: c/n 2532, as 9M-APZ
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Here is an interesting picture that showed up in Pittsburgh Newspaper article it really had me puzzled first the caption said it was Jaars a/c from an unknown country but it has a registry mark 9M-APZ which is a Malaysia registry Now to figure out if the completely different 1400 series color scheme was applied before or after the Borneo Evangelical mission sold it to Jaars. Today I took another look and saw it had a two bladed prop, suddenly the light bulb came on when I realized I don't have a picture of the a/c as 9M-APZ and the a/c is actually a H-250 not a H-295.

I will open it above in the photo queue as #3

we now have a photo as 9M-APZ
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